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All items are guaranteed genuine United States government issued legal tender currency, with the exception of obsolete banknotes which are clearly labeled. The Mark note features the crowned imperial German eagle on one side.

Values range from 1 Mark to 10 Million Mark. The 50 Mark note measures xmm. The notes bear two dates: The 20 Afghanis shows a scene of Kabul featuring a canal. The initial issues of Military currency were created by taking partially completed Japanese homeland notes and overprinting them on the front and back with four large red characters that read "Military Note".

It depicts famous physician and educator Maria Montessori. It has a watermark of Thaer at the right and an embosed seal near the lower left corner.


People hoarded coins and large sums were needed to pay for the war effort. The 1 and 50 Mark Darlehnskassenschein notes are dated Augustjust a few months after the war had started.

Serbia has refused to return the statue to Croatia. Most of the notes are dated and most grade VF to Unc. When a soldier arrived at his post the notes could be converted to the local currency or occupation notes.

Her revolutionary educational methods have spread throughout the world. A brutal war broke out, and both Croatia Republika Hrvatska and Serbian Krajina suffered from severe inflation as they tried to finance themselves by printing money.

Unlike coins, the date is not the year the note was printed. He suppressed the radical Islamic fundamentalists, whose leaders found refuge in Pakistan and who were supported encouraged by the Pakistan government.

The brown Mark notes features the allegorical figures of navigation and agriculture flanking the imperial German arms. It was one of the few Reichsbank issues dated during World War I. He suppressed the radical Islamic fundamentalists, whose leaders found refuge in Pakistan and who were supported encouraged by the Pakistan government.

The back of the note pictures a teacher and a student. The Afghani features a fortified village and is brown. The back shows the ancient gate of Babylon at the left, below it is a lion frieze. The front depicts the heads of Minerva at the left and Mercury at the right.

Unhappy with the traditional political parties and reinforced by an agri-cultural crises in The light blue notes were issued from about to By the end of it was worth less than a cent.

The other side features allegorical figures representing industry and agriculture holding a large portrait of the Norse goddess Freya. The Afghani features the Mosque of Mazar-e Sharif.

The 50 Mark note measures xmm. He is the inventor of the electrical battery and the discoverer of methane. The Croatia 50, Dinara andDinara are dated Matthias died inleaving no legitimate heir and his empire collapsed.


One side of the orange 50 Heller note features the arms of Upper Austria. The 20 Afghanis shows a scene of Kabul featuring a canal.

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The Shanghai Custom House is on the back. Today it is known for being a major cause of cancer. The statue is the oldest, preserved large sculpture from the Middle Ages north of the Alps.

The note continued in circulation throughout World War II. He was spared on account of his youth.World paper money: includes recent and historic banknotes from around the world. ON-LINE ORDER FORM It was the first hydroelectric dam built in Laos.

It supplies most of Laos's electricity and sale of its electricity to Thailand is one of Laos's largest exports. The Kip depicts farmers harvesting grain and a soldier guarding storage.

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World paper money for sale
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