Why i want to pursue a career in mechanical engineering

Ultimately, it will be up to you to consider what works best for your personal circumstances, but most mechanical engineers will find the payoffs are greater than the costs.

Have a PE license opens up your career options. You can become a specialist, or establish your own business. Again, remember that this is an investment that will pay YOU back in the long run, so it might be worth the short-term pain in order to reach your longer-term goals.

Why did you choose HR ? why do want to make your career in HR?

You will be surprised on how much you can learn and accomplish even if you can only dedicate hours a week. All engineering degrees require up through That way, you get the best of both worlds: I choose to do mechanical engineering after a year of meeting with advisers, speaking with other students, and conducting my own investigations online.

I realize that this is really firstworldproblems. However I would caution you to think about how effective you want to be in this field. Feel free to keep in touch as well. You will have everything you need to keep you challenged and motivated. In my research, I exclusively work on writing codes to simulate physical systems in a car using object oriented programming languages and I think if you get to become a mechanical engineer with good coding skills, you will have a very successful career.

They don't just hand that out to anybody. That's what I loved the most about my undergraduate studies and I think as long as you choose to challenge yourself to improve your coding skills, you will have a very satisfying career.

Also, many government agencies and educational institutions are emphasizing licensure among their engineers as well. I personally work specifically with Ferrari engineers to help them design hybrid sports cars. PEs are respected by the public and are seen in the same light as licensed professionals in other fields.

For more information on further study and to find a course that interests you, see Masters degrees and search postgraduate courses. The department plans multiple events to bring mechanical students and faculty together as a community, and I truly feel connected to the people in my department.

Joshua Waters Interested in Aerospace engineering, however, I don't know the proper steps to take. It Will Cost You Money You may still be paying off your undergraduate student loans or you may have significant financial responsibilities, such as a mortgage or a family to support.

I was aware of its standing as a research institution, so choosing to attend was an easy decision for me. An administrator will review the post and remove it from the site if they agree. The addition of another monthly expense or loan deters many engineers from pursuing another degree.

It demonstrates your commitment to the highest standards of engineering practice. The mechanical engineering department is no exception. Design cars, machines, buildings, anything macroscopic basically.

I am personally going to graduate with my master's degree in a few months and after graduation I will get to work on developing systems that in the very near future make driver less cars an everyday reality. I found that preparing for the examinations required to qualify for the license broadened my skills and caused me to become more knowledgeable of other engineering disciplines….

I was thinking Physics and Astrophysics as I plan on pursuing Astronautics. Additionally, on the academic side, I have the opportunity to tailor the focus of my major to my specific interests, which for me is design.

We are facing environmental problems, health problems, and and economic recession. Few schools have a completely separate and accredited environmental engineering program, because of this I decided to pursue mechanical engineering.

Employers are impressed with engineers who have their PE license. I was drawn to this stuff when I was younger because I loved science and wanted to work for the space program.

If you were hiring a new engineer, would you want to hire one who was sitting in a cubicle all day or one who was exposed to new and emerging technologies?

My degree can also function as a great background for my road to graduate school, where I plan to pursue a PhD at one of the top schools in the nation for my field of interest. PEs are also held in high esteem by their peers within the engineering community, who see the PE as part of an elite group.

Where I work now is a very small high-tech startup. Any advice is greatly appreciated.I want to pursue a degree and a career in which new challenges and new opportunities will always be in my grasp. As a female, I believe in changing the stereotype of engineering to be male dominant field because I want the world to realize females can contribute to this field greatly.

There are many reasons why I want to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. One reason why I want to become a marine surveyor, marine surveying is my dream job; another reason is as a kid growing up I have always found it fascinating to create things and inspect things.

Thinking about obtaining a master's degree in mechanical engineering? You probably have a few questions: is it really worth the extra time, effort, and money? It's Easier to Advance in Your Career. Your commitment to pursue and complete an advanced degree speaks volumes about you to current and potential employers.

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Site Map. My newfound love for Alaska has led me in my choice to pursue my education and my career here in Alaska in an engineering field that utilizes Alaska’s incredible resources; Petroleum Engineering. Choosing Mechanical Engineering for My Career PAGES 5.

WORDS 1, View Full Essay. More essays like this: mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering programs, becoming a mechanical engineer, a licensed professional engineer, georgia technical university. Not sure what I'd. Question: Why major in Automotive Technology?

Answer: While the. If you like cars and want to be a part of the ever-changing automotive world, why not pursue a career that you will enjoy? Like any good career, it will require hard work, but the rewards are great if your heart is in it.

7 Reasons To Study Mechanical Engineering

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Why i want to pursue a career in mechanical engineering
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