Give views for or against the statement every home should adopt a pet animal


As discussed below, these policy statements are designed to address five major areas: In addition to Section 2. The same approach is recommended for policies related to transfers of animals to partner c 3 animal rescue organizations.

Minimum standards such as those related to primary enclosures and enrichment can also help ensure that shelters are places where health or behavioral problems are not exacerbated but may be appropriately managed or addressed.

Shelters must establish a reasonable process for matching stray animals admitted to the shelter with reports of lost pets received by the shelter from owners.

Shelters should not fail to take steps to find placement for dogs based solely on breed. State and local regulation of shelters is far from uniform, and there remain significant numbers of jurisdictions in which meaningful regulation and oversight of animal shelters are minimal or essentially non-existent.

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The administrative burden associated with this requirement is minimal compared to the benefits of quickly reuniting animals with their owners. The processes and protections outlined above should be seen as vital parts of strategies to increase opportunities for live- release and minimize euthanasia.

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Plus, when people ask you where you got such a nice pet, you can proudly say you rescued them! Shelters should be required to take all steps necessary to ensure the placement of as many animals entering their facilities as possible, whether they arrive as owner surrenders, strays or through other means.

Shelters should be encouraged, but not required, to seek placements of animals being considered for euthanasia with partner c 3 animal rescue organizations. Thus every home adopting a pet animal can be considered a noble thought. Most shelters charge a modest fee to adopt a pet, and this typically includes sterilization and veterinary care.

Other Ways to Help: Such measures seek to accomplish this goal in various ways by, for example, increasing disclosure requirements, mandating specific protocols for euthanasia decisions, or requiring shelters, in lieu of euthanasia, to release animals to almost any person or organization willing to take them.

Thus, while there may be disagreement with the tactics of shelter access initiatives, there are also shared interests and goals among many in animal sheltering, including, for example, setting standards which may result in increased opportunities for adoption and live-release of sheltered animals.

Stress and tension can lead to sickness and ill health and a pet helps to keep these at bay. Shelters must serve notice to identified owners of stray animals, and the hold times for stray animals must account for mail delivery.

Debate: Should humans own pets

The ASPCA supports creating specific legal authorization for shelters to reduce or waive adoption and placement fees. Owner-surrendered animals should be immediately eligible for adoption. Why take a chance supporting an abusive scam artist when you could rescue a pet from a supportive, caring shelter instead?

To the extent they are accurately reducible to writing, the ASPCA recommends that shelters, both public and private, provide descriptions of both their public-facing processes, e.

Shelters should retain discretion in adoption and placement decisions generally, and specifically with regard to animals with serious medical issues or where there are valid concerns regarding behavior or aggression. While such fees do provide a portion of the funds that allow shelters to operate, a lack of flexibility may actually cost shelters money in situations where funds could be saved in the long run simply by releasing the animal.

Thus keeping a pet at home is a positive sign and sheltering an animal is an act of kindness that will not go unrewarded. Accordingly, the ASPCA believes that, taken a whole, its recommendations are consistent with and supportive of existing efforts, such as active adoption and relocation programs, to increase opportunities for live- release and to minimize euthanasia.

The ASPCA supports a requirement that shelters be accessible during reasonable hours to owners seeking to reclaim their pet. Broader disclosure requirements can begin to address this. Mail continues to represent the method by which many, if not most, people receive communications from local government, utility companies, financial institutions, the courts, etc.

While not comprehensive of all the issues that may arise when considering shelter standards and policies, this document provides guidance in evaluating local and state legislative initiatives and should help shelters identify areas of needed improvement in their own facilities.

Shelters must check for ID, including microchips, tattoos, etc.

ASPCA Policy and Position Statements

There is more interest in the topic and more self-identification, says dr stan kutcher, an adolescent psychiatry expert and the sun life. Common pets are dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, horses etc. To help ensure that prejudicial considerations do not inappropriately affect adoption decisions, shelters should be required to implement non-discriminatory adoption policies, recognizing generally-accepted categories of protected status, e.

Thus, the form this notice should take may vary by community. Shelters must be accessible to the public during reasonable hours for the return-to owner process. Unfortunately, the pet industry has a dark side, and while some respectable breeders sell healthy and beautiful animals, many others are abusive.

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"Every home should adopt a pet animal". Express your views either for or against this statement. Keeping a pet adds to the quality of life of both the owner and the animal.

The animal receives shelter, is well fed and looked after.


It is likely to live much longer than similar wild. "Every home should adopt a pet animal". Express your views either for or against this statement. Share with your friends. If a child takes care of a pet it instills a sense of compassion along with responsibility.

We will give you a call shortly, Thank You. 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Adopt a Pet. million dogs and cats are euthanized in U.S. shelters every year because more people surrender their pets than Should Animal Abuse be.

"A pet animal should be adopted by every home. Express your views either for or against this statement." Pet animals add joy and happiness to our lives and homes.

Give views for or against the statement every home should adopt a pet animal
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