An introduction to the cause for the rainforest destruction

Fuelwood Collection Fuel collection is yet another problem directly related to deforestation. Other causes are more indirect such as the debt burden, poverty, and overpopulation, however all are related to the direct causes list above.

It takes millions of years for the rainforests to grow and only days to destroy. But, the World Resources Institute reports that nearly one-third of the world's rainforests are in Africa, Asia, and other parts of Latin America beyond the Amazon.

Reform of the World Bank and other such organisations, and support for campaigns against large-scale dams is needed. The Amazon basin also supports individuals with agriculture and silviculture [1] besides providing natural resources for the creation of medicines and materials used in construction.

As a result they try to ration the fuelwood that they have by only cooking once a day, and by eating raw foods. It is all free! One of these oil blocks, Block 11 awarded to the US-based Santa Fe Energy, lies within Cofan territory and will directly affect at least three communities.

Habitat destruction can also decrease the range of certain organism populations. A few hours of poking around in a rainforest would produce several insects unknown to science. They once roamed Mauritius, a tropical island located in the Indian Ocean.

The roots of the problem of deforestation and waste of resources are located in the industrialised countries, where most of our resources, such as tropical timber end up. Another topic being discussed is the many different types of rainforest species and their uniqueness from the rest of the world.

Everything they need to survive, from food to medicines to clothing, comes from the forest. Cattle ranching was the major cause of destruction in Brazil accounting for seventy two percent of Brazil's deforestation up to the year Right now developing countries have a need for wood yet it is not available since it is being sold in an international market for a higher price then it could be sold in the home country.

Many people value the complexity of the natural world and are disturbed by the loss of natural habitats and animal or plant species worldwide.

The timber is used in the construction of doors, window frames, crates, coffins, furniture, plywood sheets, chopsticks, household utensils and other items. Large areas of tropical forest are burned to make way for cattle ranches and crops. First they clear a small area of land and burn it. A ratio shows, for every cubic feet of logs removed by exploiters of timber, 2.

Birds and mammal species love to eat the tasty fruits provided by trees. Butler, Butler states that the reason for this is simply that in periods of economic stagnation or decline, ranchers and developers do not have the money to expand their land into rainforest territory and the government has no money to encourage them with tax breaks or highway developments.

Because they do not officially own it, governments and other outsiders do not recognize their rights to the land.

The Amazon Rainforest Destruction

However, these practices do not work as planned RIC, B. Erosion, nutrient loss, and competition with older, larger trees usually prevent the saplings from growing into healthy trees Stock and Rochen, One way to ensure this would be adhered to by the logging companies, is to require them to purchase bonds for the lands and install stiff penalties for logging outside their designated bounds.

The indigenous population, which used to make up a significant part of the nation's population has continues to die out due to disease, deforestation, and economic dislocation. It read "Land without men for men without land" WRM.

Firewood accounts for eighty five percent of third world countries wood production. Modern machinery, fertilisers and pesticides are used to maximise profits.

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The contribution of illicit drugs also contribute towards tropical deforestation in the past years has largely escaped analysis. We also cause it by Source: Fuelwood Collection Fuelwood collection is the third major factor in rainforest destruction. A study by the Food and Agriculture Organisation FAO placed the global rate of tropical deforestation at 17 million ha.

The logging industry could have a longer and more profitable life if it adjusted its consumption to regenerate cycles instead of concentrating on the race it currently runs with competing companies around the world.

Rabben, Nowadays natural resources are becoming scarce and the Amazon forest has vast quantities of untapped raw materials such as plants, timber, gold and iron, all of which are currently being exploited illegally.

The heavy machinery and fallen trees cause the ground to be heavily compacted.Deforestation is the permanent destruction, of any types of forests in order to make the land available for other and as a result we lose 18 million acres of land every year. The Amazon Rainforest contributes largely to this, due to the rapid land clearing for a variety of reasons.

The rainforest destruction is the act of destroying a thick forest in tropical parts of the world. There are a lot of causes and effects of the rainforest destruction. The first cause of this phenomenon is logging.5/5(1). The majority of the commercial destruction in the Amazon Basin from the s to early s was not due to logging or mining, but to cattle ranchers and land speculators who burned huge tracts of rainforest before planting the areas with African grasses for pasture.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) indicated in that oil palm plantations are the leading cause of rainforest destruction in Malaysia and Indonesia. Another study by Princeton and a Swiss institution reported that between andup to 60% of palm oil expansion occurred at the expense of primary tropical rain forest.

Logging, development, farming and mining

Deforestation In The Amazon Rainforest Essays - Introduction: Deforestation is the clearing of a forest and/or cutting down of trees for human benefits such as agriculture, wood exports, etc. Deforestation is the cause of numerous environmental impacts such as habitat loss, flooding and soil erosion.

Humans are responsible for the loss of large areas of rainforest. Logging is a primary cause of deforestation. Development is a contributor to deforestation. Land is cleared to make room for houses and for industrial businesses.


Farming, both arable and pastoral, leads to land being cleared to grow.

An introduction to the cause for the rainforest destruction
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